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Email: aaferro@gmail.com
Skype: aaferro
Linkedin: pt.linkedin.com/in/antonioaferro
Address: Rua Pedro Nunes, Nº15-2ºD.to, 2780-143 Oeiras (Portugal)

Free to pursue success.
Seeking new challenges and professional opportunities in Africa, Arab Countries, South America or Southeast Asia.
I am an executive with proven international experience in multinational companies and global view of the whole business. Management, Marketing and Sales. Opening new markets. Projects start up. Business Development. FMCG, B2B, CRM, P & L. Entrepreneur. Goal oriented. Creative with easy adaptation and communication.
Desire, professional achievement by the contribution to projects where my skills should be a plus.

Professional experience and global view of the entire business activity, especially in the commercial area – the management and marketing of FMCG and operations “business to business” – in Multinational companies in several countries. Evolutionary path proven in 3 different distinct industries (food, household appliances, microbiological) with the corresponding international experience at all levels, resulting from the accumulated functions in Marketing, Sales and Exports.
Winning attitude in winning new accounts, opening new export markets and continuous Business Development.
Experience in corporate restructuring, organization and integration of services and systems, process optimization, automation of operations, implementation of control systems and business reorganization.
Design and implementation of containment measures and cost reduction, optimization of margins, budgeting and strategic business plans.
•Management and planning of operations and projects;
•Corporate restructuring and processes;
•Integration of control systems sales performance, billing and logistics;
•Strategic vision of the business;
•Human resource management and information systems;
•Analysis of results;
•Optimization of resources and results;
•Business Development;
•Opening new export market;


2013 / …– Consultant in Operations & International Trade, acting on Business Intelligence, Strategic Marketing, Trade Marketing, Sales and Business Development, International Trade, Procurement, Coaching, Negotiation, and Networking.

2000/2012 – Mauri Fermentos, SA (Associated British Food), market leader in the microbiology business sector in Portugal, with a strong component of yeast exports to the French, Eastern European and African markets.

Director of Business Development Director

•Simultaneously performance in the HORECA channel, large retail and business to business with proven success in obtaining new customers and consolidated sales growth of 20%.
•Achieved rapid growth in France, where large contracts as sole supplier were attained with industrial groups Gesnoin-Tipiak, La Boulangére, and partly to Pasquier and Gerbopa.
•Invested heavily in a partnership with Back Europ, a major wholesaler network in France, and guarantee them a brand dedicated to a significant volume of purchases.
•Promoted official visits to the yeast plant, accompanying our clients throughout their visits to consolidate business relationship.
•Increased the business portfolio by adding the marketing of dried yeast with bread improvers to maximize the supply and sales for our partners in export markets.
•Created a service department with qualified professionals to give technical support to the end customer by transmitting practices and manufacturing processes in order to maximize the yield of the application of yeast in their production.
•Reversed the decline in sales volume – resulting from the reduction of the total market – gaining exclusivity in industrial customers suppliers of modern distribution with new technology for production of frozen bread, as DanCake, and Panpor Panike shared with competition. Accomplished this objective simultaneously providing a logistic solution for cold storage equipment and automatic dosing yeast cream. Acquiring additional sales of over 750 tons per year.
•Reduced the dependency on the network of regional distributors, acquiring new customers for supply directly from the factory. Sought for expanding customers, particularly with modern distribution, or new manufacturing technology. I achieved agreements for exclusively supplying groups as Auchan and Sonae and as preferred supplier for E. Leclerc.
•Assured business continuity, after the relocation of the factory to Spain, reinforcing the proximity to customers, offering the highest levels of service for their preference and loyalty.
•Opened regional offices (Faro, Lisbon and Porto), in regions with insufficient coverage by distributors, thus increased coverage of outlets, strengthening the control of sales and creating stronger connections with the customer.

1999/2000 – Candy Hoover Group of companies (Portugal) production, import and sale of household appliances.

Director of Marketing
•Positioned the group brands in the market in order to properly cover all market segments.
•Recommended the restructuring of the different sales teams and subsequently implemented operatively.
•Continually trained the sales team, supplying them with tools and marketing support.

1990/1998 – Whirlpool Corporation a world leader in large household appliances.

1995/1998 – Whirlpool Europe (Italy) Export Division

Export Manager (Export Division) reporting to the Vice President Sales Export, I headed the Africa & Mediterranean region (eastern Mediterranean) which accounted for 38% and 42% of invoiced sales volume.
•Reversed the negative trend of sales result due to market instability. Focusing on alternative markets which were underexplored.
•Bet decisively in the renewal and differentiation of product range, to offer in very distinct markets in terms of purchasing power and sophistication, a greater and fitting range of products.
•Negotiated volumes more ambitiously, and facilitated greater marketing support. Encouraged training for the products being marketed and consolidated the brand. I recognized the merit and effort creating incentives for importers that achieved established objectives.
•Innovated with a plan for customer visits to the factories. Reduced my trips and costs and created a profitable record of regular contacts. Promoted the contact of importers with all services in the company, opening new doors for future contacts to become more efficient. Alongside the training visits to factories, acquired dual facet of negotiation and encouragement techniques. As a result further consolidated the company’s positive presence in distant markets.
•Transferred the best practices in marketing and sales organization for use in the various importers to modernize themselves and act more effectively against our competition. I considered the importers not only customers but also business partners in markets that were very difficult part of the team. Got a great motivation that, despite the difficulties, eventually reversing the downward trend and managed to consolidate a sales increase of 5%.

1994/1995 – Whirlpool Europe (Italy) Division Europe
Area Product Manager (Kitchen Channel) responsibility for the markets of Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal
•Led the working group that regulates warranty terms for equipment modified (“customized”) by designers / manufacturers of kitchens.

1990/1993 – Whirlpool Appliances Portugal, Lda market leading company that imports, distributes and markets major home appliances.
Product Manager, for all ranges of products (machinery, cold, burning, and concealed microwave) reporting directly to the Director General.
•Participated in the process of moving from marketing products with the brand Philips, to Philips Whirlpool in a second period, and in the final stage Whirlpool (this process is now an academic “case study”).

1988/1989 – Caves Aliança, S.A., a producer, importer and distributor of alcoholic drinks brands Alliance, Bols, Grant’s, Absolut, Kronenburg, etc..
Product Manager

1987/1988 – Wander Portugal (Alimentação), Lda. – importer and distributor of Ovaltine, product line Tobler (Tobelerone), Milka Isostar, etc..
Trainee Product Manager (internship)


International experience with cultural knowledge of Anglo-Saxon, French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic. Knowledge of languages (spoken / written):
•Portuguese – Native language
•English – Good
•French – Good
•Italian – Good (spoken)
•Spanish – Regular (spoken)
•Arabic – Understanding
Degree in Social Communication – Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Politicas (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa) 1982/1988


•Date of birth: March 1964
•”Hobbies”: Gym, Shooting, Hiking, Painting, Literature.

Note: Indicate up references on request


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